About Mouflon Real Estate Fund

Mouflon Real Estate Investment Fund Ltd was incorporated in January 2017 as an Umbrella Fund under the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) Law N.131(I) of 2014, after having obtained its license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).  All of the managers, directors, and service providers are also duly approved by CySEC. The AIF Law is a dedicated legal structure for specialized funds, which is also harmonized and compliant with EU laws.

Successful Stories

With Mouflon Real Estate Fund we promise to create only successful stories for our clients!

Future Developement

Our target is to reach the 100% of productivity through our experience and development skills.


Wise choice for the future!


The Fund offers private and institutional investors the opportunity for investment in the real estate sector, whether in Cyprus or overseas, through a variety of professionally managed Investment Compartments, each of which is authorized as an independent entity, with its own specific investment strategy and specific risk-return profile, in order to achieve an optimum return on the capital invested into it.

The Fund seeks to achieve its objectives in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by its Board of Directors. For this purpose, the Fund offers a choice of Investment Compartments, which allow investors to make diversified investment allocations and minimize risks.

The Fund’s strategy is based on growth rather than speculation, and focuses on both Properties and Markets where the macro as well as the micro economic factors are favorable and encouraging such as Cyprus, and where market research and future prospects point to a sustainable growth in real estate values over the next few years. As such, the majority of the acquisitions will be geared towards revenue generating assets, which provide both security and cash flow to the Investment Compartments.

The Fund invests through its Investment Compartments, in Real Properties and Real Property development projects. Projects include the acquisition, development, management and operation of residential, touristic and commercial properties according to the tailor-made strategy of each Investment Compartment.

Mouflon Real Estate Investment Fund is exclusively addressed to Professional and/or Well-Informed Investors – as defined by the AIF law – who have made their own assessment of the conditions of their participation in the Fund.