Jad Wakil

As the co-initiator of the Fund, Jad is the engine that drives the conceptualization, implementation, and operations of the Fund. Having identified the huge opportunity available in the Cypriot market for real estate investment, as well as the favorable legislative environment, he initiated the Fund project, and selected the strategic partners who bring in the necessary experience for the success of Mouflon Fund.

Prior to creating the Mouflon Fund, Jad acquired a diversified exposure to several industries during his professional experience. He started his career in his original field of study as an Engineer at the Industrial Research Institute in Beirut, moving to insurance with AXA, followed by retail banking experience with HSBC and Bankmed in Lebanon.

Following a Master’s Degree in Business and Management, his career was shifted towards financial consulting, spending a few years at ECE Capital with a focus on business consulting and financial advisory, as well as holding the role of Business Development Manager. In 2010, he launched his own strategic advisory firm, Tangent.

Throughout his experience in the field of advisory services, Jad was exposed to a wide range of sectors, including real estate, energy, media, technology, hospitality, F&B, infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture, having worked on more than 50 projects for clients in 10 different countries. During this time, he offered services in several areas of activity including feasibility studies, valuations, corporate finance, equity and debt finance, financial restructuring, due diligence, M&A, strategic advisory, private placement and private equity, as well as fund structuring. Over this period, he has also structured over 5 private investment funds, including a real estate fund focused on Lebanon.

Jad has managed over 10 large scale real estate projects comprising green field mixed-used development complexes, hotel and tourist resorts, and shopping malls, as well as conducting in-depth financial and market valuations of the real estate portfolio of a prominent bank in Lebanon for the purpose of liquidating these assets.

He is a member of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association, as well as a mentor for start-ups within an incubator funded by the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Jad holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s Degree in International Business and Management.


George Mouskides

George adds significant value to the Fund, combining his unique skills, with a strong academic and professional knowledge in the finance industry, as well as particular expertise in the real estate industry, enabling him to offer expert insight and recommendations for the effective structure, operations, and development of Mouflon Real Estate Fund.

As the General Manager of FOX Smart Estate Agency and FOX Smart Property Management (jointly called FOX) and the President of the Cyprus Association of Property Owners (KSIA), he had all round exposure and is in a unique position to understand and evaluate the real estate sector of Cyprus.

George has in-depth understanding of property investment, facilities management, property valuations and risk management from his working experience at FOX, Moody’s, and Cyprus Popular Bank. These past experiences grant him the depth and perspective to analyze and conduct successful real estate investments in any market, even well beyond the Cypriot market.

Financial Management and Taxation are also strong disciplines for George, as he is a qualified public accountant (CPA) from the USA and a member of the Cyprus Association of Public Accountants. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland. His employment at Coopers & Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers), Cyprus Popular Bank, Symeonides & Mouskides (Partner) and CLR all garnered him with extensive experience and knowledge in financial management of enterprises as well as risk management, giving him an additional dimension when approaching real estate from an institutional investment perspective.

George has served on the Board of 10 listed companies in Cyprus, mainly in the investment and manufacturing sectors.

In addition to the above, George is a licensed real estate agent; an Accredited Mediator by the financial ombudsman in commercial matters, and a registered Auctioneer with the Department of Lands & Surveys of the Ministry of Interior. George is often invited to attend the parliamentary committees where real estate bills are being discussed.


Samir brings further experience – 35 years in corporate finance advisory – and maturity to the Fund through his wide experience in investment, risk and portfolio management, as well as consulting and banking services.

Samir’s PhD in economics, and expertise as a consultant at the OECD and as Chairman of the Economics Department of the Lebanese University gave him a solid base to launch ECE in 1982. Samir is the CEO of ECE group, which includes ECE consultants SAL (2007-present) and ECE SARL (1982-present), all of which are consulting companies in corporate finance and M&A.

Samir acquired extensive experience in the valuation of companies, financing, modelling, economic and financial assessment, business plans, due diligence and structuring issues including debt/equity, financial solutions, and fund structuring. His experience includes more than 1,000 projects over a 35-year time span, spread over 16 countries, and in 20 sectors and activities.

Samir is presently Chairman of the “The Phoenician Funds Holding SAL” since Spring 2016; a USD 28 Million VC fund that includes 12 Lebanese banks.

Samir acted as Economic and Financial Advisor for the Government of Qatar (2000-2005), and has been – until his retirement – Non-Executive Chairman of the “National Institute of the Guarantee of Investment” for the Republic of Lebanon (by decree of the Council of Ministers since November 1993 till August 2017). He has wide experience in the real estate sector, ranging from conducting studies for Solidere (in the 90s) as well as consulting on around 50 real estate projects in Lebanon and the Gulf.

Samir’s strong points also include team work (as he has been leading or participating in several boards), investor needs (as he is currently managing a number of family investments), the international context in business (in his capacity as an economist, with deep understanding of trends and fluctuations), and risk assessment (as this is a particularity of his consulting business), as well as his wide network amongst Lebanese and GCC investors.


Lynn Khoury

Lynn brings to the table a thorough grasp of financial statements, policies, and procedures, coupled with a deep understanding of solid structural frameworks within organizations, as well as meticulous attention to risk assessment and management, effective design and monitoring of sound management and control structures, all of which are indispensable to the solid functioning of the Fund. As she is also Cypriot, she also provides significant understanding of the Cypriot market.

Lynn started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in audit and assurance services, where she worked with over 15 companies in numerous sectors including banking, real estate, financial services, construction and contracting, telecommunications, retail, shipping, education, and IT, where she eventually led the audits of a number of repeat clients.

For the past decade, Lynn has built significant expertise in management consulting, both with Consulting and Development Services, as well as through Tangent, which she co-founded and currently co-manages. She has extensive experience in numerous institutionalization and change management assignments for clients, where she led teams of consultants with the purpose of developing the corporate and business strategy, management systems, corporate governance mechanisms, as well as the development and implementation of turn around programs for companies in the MENA region, mainly in the banking, financial services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and not-for-profit sectors.

Lynn has substantial experience in the development and roll out of corporate strategy, as well as various transformation projects for over a dozen medium to large-sized clients, not only does she provide recommendations to clients for identifying and achieving their objectives, making the required improvements, and/or amending identified issues, she also has substantial experience in implementing change management programs through a hands-on approach from within organizations so as to bring about measurable results.

Lynn has a particular understanding of the banking and financial services industry through both her education and cumulative experience, having participated and led, on more than one occasion, both external audit, internal audit, as well as management consulting assignments for some of Lebanon’s leading retail, corporate, and private banking institutions. She has recommended and facilitated the implementation of both policy, procedural, and management changes across multiple departments within these banks.

Lynn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut, as well as an MSc in Management Science from the London School of Economics.