Mouflon Fund II was created as the Second Compartment of Mouflon Real Estate Fund, with an additional license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mouflon Fund II is a closed-ended, medium term Fund, with a diversified portfolio of revenue generating assets with good yield as well as promising potential for capital appreciation. Mouflon II acquires both commercial and residential properties in strategic locations across Cyprus, and with quality tenants, thus providing both security and cash flow to its investors.

The Compartment’s strategy is based on growth rather than speculation, since both the macro and micro economic factors in Cyprus are favorable and encouraging, and all elements point to a re-invigoration and sustainable growth in real estate values over the next few years. The acquisitions of the Compartment are exclusively geographically concentrated in Cyprus and partially leveraged, and be geared towards revenue generating assets, which provide both security and cash flow to the Investment Compartment.

The portfolio selection and management function of the Mouflon II is carried out by its Board of Directors of Mouflon Real Estate Fund Limited, in accordance with section 116(3)(a)(i) of the AIF Law. Properties are selected after undergoing a rigorous and extensive due diligence process. In order to optimize the decision making process, the Board frequently consults with, and relies on the assistance of qualified advisers with substantial knowledge and expertise in the real estate domain, including surveyors, structural engineers, real estate valuers, bankers, and accountants, legal experts, as well as government officials who provide their expert assessment and recommendations.