The creation of Mouflon Development Fund was first fueled by the potential offered by a recovering economy in Cyprus with proven indications of prospect for solid growth, coupled with growing demand for assets in specific asset classes where the supply is still lagging behind, as well as the generalized increase real estate values.

Mouflon Development Fund is an open-ended fund with a long-term outlook. The primary objective of the Fund is to identify untapped opportunities through assets which offer significant room for development or improvement, with the ultimate goal of generating considerable added value for its Investors.

The Fund looks into opportunities across Cyprus, without limiting itself to a specific city or area, thus allowing for diversity in its portfolio of assets, and minimizing the impact of any local factors which could adversely affect its performance. The Fund tends to focus on areas and products with high demand and a demonstrated gap between current supply and market size in order to minimize liquidity risks and ensure profitability. The Development Fund may invest in multiple projects at a time, each with its own strategy, timeframe, and characteristics, whilst committing to a generally similar risk-return profile.

The strategy of the Development Fund is based on growth rather than speculation, since both the macro and micro economic factors in Cyprus are favorable and encouraging, and all elements point to a sustainable growth in real estate values in the short to medium term. In addition, the general strategy builds on the continuously growing demand for quality residential and commercial projects which has exceeded supply.

Moreover, the Development Fund benefits from the favorable legislative environment and tax advantages that Cyprus currently offers, in addition to a number of very encouraging and beneficial incentives geared towards stimulating construction, renovation, and development, thus providing added value for the projects, and essentially greater value to the Investor.

The Development Fund benefits from the experience, market expertise, and broad access of its management team in the sourcing and setting up of projects which are geared at segments of the market where demand is the highest, whilst simultaneously offering strategic key elements such as location, product-price mix, and risk profile, all to the maximum benefit of its Investors.